Joint-stock company “Ardega” was found in 1999 and it is situated in Kaunas. Our company working field is the marketing of equipment for natural gas high medium and low applications, boiler-houses, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and for water treatment.

  To our clients we tender heating equipment for boiler-houses (boilers, burners, valves, air heaters), ventilation (for better environment in the basins, living houses and microclimate), water tretment (the processes of softening, iron removal and reverse osmosis).

 Our company is specialized in the wholesale. The company imports already mentioned production from various foreign suppliers and realizes in Lithuania.

  It is really important for us, that our clients would be satisfied in the quality and price of goods and service. The guarantee is giving to all equipment. If there is any defect or spoilage, the equipment can be changed to new one. The specialists of our company can provide all needful consultations about installation and exploitations of equipment.

  Usually the higher activities of our company are in summer time, because the clients (of the wholesale) is preparing for the winter time. The main customers are installer companies, which are modernizing and reconstructing the systems of heating, ventilation, water and natural gas, and also single clients.

  Joint-stock company “Ardega” collective consists of great specialists, who help to our clients to choose the best, satisfied their needs, equipment. Our company workers will provide consultations in all questions about heating, ventilation, better water quality equipment, installation and exploitation.