Electric boilers

Electric boilers

At CTC, this change has been going on since 1923, when we manufactured our first heating boiler. Nowadays, old-fashioned oil boilers throughout Europe are being replaced by more environmentally friendly and energy efficient CTC heat pumps, CTC boilers and CTC solar heating systems.

CTC EcoEl electric boilers
Electric boilers

The CTC EcoEl delivers uniform, pleasant heating and plenty of hot water fast. It also offers excellent possibilities for upgrading your heating system at a later point. Two unique connections make it easy to connect solar power, a heat pump or a wood or wood pellet boiler.Built-in control system. Two heights.

  • Hot water is produced on demand by means of an internal finned coil. This gives you a constant supply of new, fresh, legionella-free hot water.
  • The CTC EcoEl has a logical display that is actually a complete control and adjustment system where you can establish your own settings, view operating temperatures etc.
  • Combined with an automatic shunt and indoor and outdoor sensors, this ensures uniform, pleasant heating.
  • CTC EcoEl is the base module in the CTC EcoHeat heat pump system. This means that if you have a CTC EcoEl 1800, you can upgrade it to a heat pump at any time by adding a heat pump module in order to utilise air, bedrock, soil or lake heat.

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CTC ELKASSET electric boilers
Electric boilers

A complete, easy to install water heating package for older heating boilers, accumulators and water heaters without immersion heaters.Compatible with most water-based heating networks. Max. output 12 kW.

  • Many older heating boilers and buffer tanks lack connections for immersion heaters. The CTC Elkassett can be fitted directly to the pipe connections of old boilers.
  • When the water in the boiler has cooled to the preset temperature, the electric immersion heater automatically starts and warms the water.
  • Available with four switchable outputs: 3, 6, 9 and 12 kW.

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